Brenden M. Roland

Greetings. I'm Brenden. I'm a computer geek that enjoys writing creative nonfiction works, which are usually based on my own life.

I'm working on a video game or two, but anything major is currently more than a year out. I do plan to have a smaller game out by the end of 2021 though.

In the meantime, if you wish to contact me, then send me an email at You can also find me on Twitter, I don't post much, but I may talk to you if you @ or DM me.

I'm also open to commissions on a case-by-case basis for some programs, my focuses are in Java & SQL, but I have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, & C++ as of now.


Public Projects

For public things, I'll mostly be making Minecraft plugins and some apps for Android. I know it's pretty barren here right now, but don't worry, more fun things coming soon.


Electron application made for a client at Lindenwood University St. Charles. This application reads in serial data from attached sensors and visually displays them for the user.

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Minecraft / Discord Verifier

A Minecraft plugin for Spigot and Paper servers used as an additional layer of player verification for private or near-private servers.

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Otherwise, Here are Some Interesting Things

These aren't mine, but rather just some things I find worth the exploratory read. I'll grow this list as I find more short, but sweet, interesting things to add.

Centennial Light

"World's longest-lasting light bulb, burning since 1901" (Wikipedia)

WikipediaOfficial Website

Staff Sergeant Reckless

"Decorated war horse who held official rank in the United States military" (Wikipedia)

WikipediaRelated Book

Wow! Signal

"Strong narrowband radio signal" and potential indicator of extraterrestrial intelligence (Wikipedia)


"I Know What You Did Five Minutes Ago"

A short tech talk by British entertainer, linguist, and computer scientist, Tom Scott, demonstrating how privacy (and the lack-there-of) functions on the Internet.


KSP Constellation Mission

Recreation of the cancelled Constellation program to Mars in the game/simulator, Kerbal Space Program.


Taran Van Hemert's Tree-house

Vaguely-popular Canadian video editor and "macro-king" building a tree-house with his father.

(Mild Language Warning)


"Invisible Bicycle Infrastructure of the Netherlands"

Short video covering city design principles of Dutch cities by an American expat living in the Netherlands.

(Mild Language Warning)